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Time to put pen to paper.

The title might be a little funny especially as I am writing on an online blog. But there is a good reason.

Recently, I was reading the Sainsbury’s magazine and it had an article about the art of letter writing and how it has declined due to the use of emails, Facebook and Twitter and the rest of the electronic social media that is available to us.

I love getting mail through the letter box, I think it has more excitement too it. I feel sad when there is just junk mail behind the door. It’s one of the first questions I ask the Husband if he’s home before me but the answer is more often than not “just Junk Mail.”

Are we losing the art of hand-writing? As much as we have access to email and Facebook, are we getting the same interaction with people? Though, whilst reading the article, I’ve realised that I haven’t sent a letter in a while and nor have I had one that wasn’t personal in a long time. Possibly the one from my Father-in-law after my dad died in 2009 would be the last one. I’ve sent a few since then but don’t think I’ve had any replies.

Is it time now for a revival of letter writing like the slow food movement? I think so. We should slow down, think about what and why we are writing to that person. Will we lose memories that a hand-written letter would cover? I have a couple of letters kicking about somewhere from a friend. I wish I kept more.

I think I should start writing  letters again, but I am worried that I wouldn’t get any replies in turn. But, I am not going to let that bother me and please don’t see this as a demand from me to you to write me a letter. All I can do is make the request that you take the time to write a letter to a friend or family member, even if it is to be read now or much later.

I suppose I’d better post this and then go dig out the writing paper… Don’t know who I am going to write to yet though…

Sunset Song!

Sunset Song!.

Um, Hello? Anyone here?

So, apologies as I have been a bit lax of late with the old blog.

So, it’s the time of year when you resolve to do something better with your life (or make a life-style change). There have a few resolutions made and that have been left at the way-side and some that have been picked up again but again not long lasting…

This year is not a year for resolutions but I am making goals to aims for

Hopefully I will…

  • Manage 366 photos in my Photo-a-day project and complete challenges as issued in the group.
  • Make some things from Pinterest.com
  • Learn a new craft
  • Use up materials and supplies in the craft cupboard before I add to/replace them
  • Print, frame and hang some of my photo’s (or have someone else have them hang on their walls)
  • Spend less time on Facebook to accomplish the above!

Oh and I suppose I’d better blog a bit more often too, it may help with achieving my goals if I have something to tell you about.

Am still here

Sorry I haven’t been about for a bit but I am still here, taking photo’s and getting sorted for Christmas. Hopefully I’ll post about my goings-on when I am off next week 🙂

Have fun!

What is it about Lego?

Especially the individual mini-figures that they have brought out this past year or two

So far there have been five series of sixteen figures (I missed out on the first series and so missed my chance at a Storm Trooper!). I suspect it is adults like myself and my husband who buy them for themselves and not the children if they have any!
A chance to relive childhood and get cooler figures than we had when we were young…

I had a look at ebay, and saw that some can go for silly prices!

Though it looks like that I will get my storm trooper yet. I bought the Star Wars Lego advent calendar at the weekend.

A nation of complaint…

We queue politely, we mumble under our breath if someone pushes in… We’ll moan to others if something is wrong but we don’t tell the person who has made the mistake.

But if we do complain out loud, in writing, we sometimes have a tendency to go to the extreme and are not prepared to hear what we think are excuses, when they are perfectly valid reasons. I’ve experienced both ends. Tending to mutter and have been ranted at because someone decided that it was my fault and I could sort it out, when I couldn’t and they wouldn’t let me get someone that could fix it.

Now, you are probably wondering why I’m writing this? Well I have been noticing that I have been what I term “Fishwifing” more and more. Mostly actually voicing what I am thinking rather than muttering it. Along the lines of :-

  • “Excuse me works wonders”
  • “You are welcome! (mostly when people barge through doors that I have held open for someone else.
  • “Funny looking Pedestrian!” at people cycling on the path with no regard to the rest of us walking there

I also rant at the TV, the current rant being about the “Dettol No-touch Soap dispenser”. I mean, how is the spread of germs stopped when you have touched the taps to turn them on first? And then you have to switch the taps off after you washed your hands… I am still waiting to hear back from Dettol on that one.

I think that I’m getting to the point where I am past caring about what people think, especially those who piss me off in the first place and that my little fishwifery moments make them stop and think…

Sometimes I feel sorry for my Husband….